Hop Spider Filter Stainless Steel

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– Stainless Steel 304
– 300 microm filter mesh
– 10cm diameter x 25cm ht

A hop spider is an easy-to-use hop filter that contains hops to a mesh basket during the boil.

They save you time when cleaning by reducing the hoppy mess left in your kettle after brewing.

They’ll also improve the clarity and quality of your beer. It’s simple to use and will meet your needs as a homebrewer whether you’re advanced or just starting out.

Designed to easily add hops to your boil, the Hop Spider is great for both new and experienced brewers. The Hop Spider can also be used for steeping grains if you are extract brewing.

The spider can be used on any size pot. Save you from having to clean out equipment clogs, and make your brewing process much easier and more effective.

The fine mesh size is perfect for producing great-tasting, clearer beers. It holds approximately 8oz of hops and is well suited to limit hop debris from pellet hops getting in the wort.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 11 × 27 cm

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