Our stainless steel cooking/brewing pots produce superior results and are prized throughout the industry for good reason. Stainless steel’s excellent heat retention and durability make it an excellent choice in the kitchen.
We have an assortment of pots ranging from the 13ltr, 21ltr,34ltr,50ltr, 70ltr,98ltr & 170ltr stainless steel cooking pots. We also have brew cooking pots complete with ball valve and thermometer.All pots are manufactured using 201 stainless steel,come with lids,handles,silicon heat stoppers to stop you from burning your hands.Hop spiders,reusable mesh filter bags and silicone tubing are also available.
The pots can be used on induction,electric and gas stoves. The quality and value of these pots combined with the exceptional value of these cooking pots is an affordable investment for you personally or for your business enterprise.
We offer our  many clients from caterers,restaurants, hotels, brewers and the general public the same quality pots at a great price. We cut out the middleman and supply directly to you that is why we can afford to supply at such great prices to you!               https://youtu.be/562055mlRKo